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A Farewell Letter from AIT Director W. Brent Christensen

"As my time as AIT Director draws to a close and I prepare to leave Taiwan, I want to take this opportunity to tell you what this experience has meant to me.  It is not an exaggeration to say that this has been the honor of my life and the fulfillment of a career-long aspiration.

The first time I left my hometown at age 19, it was to come to Taiwan.  From that early age, Taiwan became synonymous for me with the ideas of exchange and understanding, exploration and adventure.  Taiwan represented both disorienting foreignness and unexpected opportunity, as I tried new food – like shuijiaos and qiu doufu – and learned to navigate my way through streets crowded with bicycles and scooters.  And struggled to make myself understood with my rudimentary Mandarin.  But all the while discovering the kindness and generosity that welcomed me wherever I went.
It felt appropriate for me to serve my first tour as a U.S. diplomat in the place that first sparked in me a lifelong interest in Asia – and in Taiwan in particular – and in cross-cultural understanding and shared purpose, or in other words, diplomacy.  After that, my career took me to other places, but mostly still in the China region.  But the memories of my experiences in Taiwan stayed with me.  And finally having the opportunity to serve as the top U.S. diplomat to Taiwan was the culmination of all the years that came before.  It is clear that I have a lifelong connection to Taiwan, or “yuanfen,” that has led me to return again and again.
People often ask me why I have such a fondness for Taiwan.  “Isn’t it obvious?!” I always think.  But when forced to explain my affection for and professional fascination with Taiwan, I usually come back to a few themes.
First, dynamism and constancy; progress and preservation; innovation and tradition. Every time I return to Taiwan, I am immediately struck by the many ways Taiwan has advanced as a society. Taiwan’s democracy grows more mature, its economy more prosperous, its environment more cared-for, and its arts and culture more vibrant.
台灣在許多最先進的科技產業上持續為全球創新樹立標竿,但與此同時,台灣的社會穩定和文化傳承依舊令人欽羨佩服。儘管生活充裕且形象良好,台灣人民卻依然謙虛樸實、平易近人。在台灣,最古老的傳統薪火相傳、歷久彌新。文化和歷史古蹟受到妥善的修復與保護;年輕人也可以學習代代相傳的書法技巧,接著再把作品秀在Instagram 上。
Taiwan’s industry continues to set the benchmark for global innovation in some of the most sophisticated technologies, but at the same time, Taiwan society is remarkable for its stability and cultural continuity. Taiwan’s people, despite their relative wealth and stature, continue to be modest and unassuming. Taiwan’s most ancient traditions are alive and well. Cultural and historic sites are restored and preserved. Young people may learn calligraphy techniques handed down for generations, but then share their work on Instagram.
Second, for the United States, Taiwan exemplifies the intersection of shared interests and shared values. Our partnership is about making sure our economies are beneficiaries rather than casualties of technological development and ensuring that technological development advances rather than undermines our principles. Our shared values of freedom, diversity, equality, and transparency inspire our efforts to build the resilience of democracies around the world. And we continue to find new ways to contribute to global problem solving, both because it benefits our own peoples and because we share the belief that this is what it means to be a good neighbor in the 21st century.
Finally, I associate Taiwan – and the broader U.S.-Taiwan relationship – with hope, promise, and growth. This friendship has expanded and flourished over the past 40 years; I believe every person who has done this job walked away knowing they left this partnership better than they found it.  I will similarly leave AIT with a sense of accomplishment and success, knowing that the U.S.-Taiwan partnership is deeper and stronger than ever, and feeling immensely proud of my small role in getting us there.
But more than any of these things, I will remember the ways that Taiwan has touched me personally.  I will always remember my first Christmas in Taiwan – and my first Chinese New Year.  I will remember the warmth of Taiwan friendship, the faith of my fellow church members, the taste of a mango bing on a hot summer day, the echo of “Fur Elise” from the recycling truck, the fragrance of jasmine blossoms in village alleyways – these are just some of the memories I will treasure.  I will remember the long dinners with dear friends, full of laughter and stories.  And I will remember their many kindnesses.  I will remember all the ways big and small that you, the people of Taiwan, touched my life and the lives of my family.  And for that, I thank you.
I may be leaving Taiwan, but Taiwan will never leave me. "
— 美國在台協會處長  酈英傑
-- AIT Director William Brent Christensen
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酈英傑William Brent Christensen美國外交官公使銜參贊美國空軍退役上尉,高祖父為19世紀渡美的丹麥裔美籍藝術家卡爾·克里斯汀森。酈英傑擁有喬治·華盛頓大學東亞研究碩士、楊百翰大學中國文學學士學位,他也有奧勒岡衛生科學大學牙醫學位,曾於1983年在高雄醫學院實習,通曉中文
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酈英傑將卸任 總統邀約再回來品味台灣好風光
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國務院 美國 AIT 鄺英傑 台灣

總統蔡英文與AIT處長酈英傑。 圖╱翻攝自蔡英文臉書

總統蔡英文今天在臉書發文表示,美國在台協會AIT的酈英傑(Brent Christensen)處長即將卸任離開台灣了,昨天邀請酈英傑至家裡坐坐,再次當面謝謝他在任內的貢獻。此外,總統也仔細閱讀了酈英傑給
總統說,台灣除了有酈英傑心心念念的芒果冰、Für Elise和茉莉花香,台灣的山與海也充滿他的回憶。酈英傑爬過阿里山,到過福隆的海岸淨灘,下1次,台灣人依然會期待與「野生酈英傑」不期而遇。
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